Lynda St-Arneault

I try to avoid false commitments and nourish myself on real actions.

A high-level swimmer and athlete since childhood, Lynda St-Arneault is stimulated by over-achievement.

At the age of 22, she took the plunge and co-found her first company, nestled in graphic design and communications. In 1995, she took another leap, this time, in to Web and in 2002, she got out of her comfort zone again and took an important step in her career by creating her second company (ExoB2B); the first firm specialized in strategic and B2B marketing , which uses advanced technology tools and integrated online (web) and traditional channels, with sales and marketing functions, to provide B2B companies with the best practices to propel their business to success.

Performance, always.

Endowed with a confident instinct that feeds on ever-growing experience, for sixteen years now, Lynda has become a specialist in strategic marketing, sales and marketing alignment and, content marketing. She shares her expertise as a speaker in the many events dedicated to marketing, just as she communicates her passion on the ExoB2B blog since 2009. A renowned Leader in B2B marketing in Quebec, she excels at helping companies become more competitive in the local and international market.

Her need to surpass herself, her curiosity for relevance and, her desire to be at the forefront of what is more successful in B2B marketing pushed her to create ExoLab in 2011, to carry out specialized research in her field and to experience new marketing and sales trends.

Knowing how to combine an athlete’s discipline, the creativity of the forerunners and the expertise of the field, Lynda St-Arneault proves that in business, innovation that leads to success is never as well served as by experience.

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