PPC B2B Marketing Campaign: 4 Lessons from Sensei Lawrence

Have you watched the spin-off series of the Karate Kid cult movies “Cobra Kai“? When it comes time for the movie hero to market his dojo, the sensei tries several tactics, including: street marketing display (displayed in schools), public demonstrations, viral videos (Miguel fighting at school), guerrilla marketing and representation.

Parenthesis: the hero of the story is of course, Sensei Johnny Lawrence, the good guy of the story. Daniel Larusso is the real bully and drooler of the story:

… what, Sensei? Yes, yes! Sorry for spilling the beans, but you can keep reading, there are not too many more spoils in the article below.

So, what’s the connection between Sensei Lawrence and the PPC campaigns? None, Sensei Lawrence barely knows how to use his cell phone. But remember these lessons:

1- PPC campaigns regardless of customer lifecycle and purchase cycle duration

A notion often forgotten at the base. A customer comes to us and says: I want to start a PPC campaign to generate sales. However, the campaign does not take into account the fact that the customer sometimes only wants to shop, is in the process of discovering or searching for information, wants to buy but only in 6 months or, must first present information to his co-workers. As Sensei Lawrence has taught us, we need to create a campaign that has several calls to action, for example:

  • Download an informative document
  • Subscribe to the blog / newsletter
  • Request a quote / buy
  • Talk to a specialist
  • Etc.

2- Test several marketing materials:

Sensei Lawrence taught us that to recruit Cobra Kai, several channels and forms of ads need to be tested. For example, there might not be a large volume of Google searches on words such as ‘Karate Dojo’, but that potential future black belts are rather receptive on Facebook.

  • Single image OR carousel (on Facebook or Google Display)
  • Video campaign on Facebook or YouTube
  • Large text ad, responsive search ad, or Google call-in ads.

3- Always test at least 2 ad variants… and audience


This is the secret to the success of Web advertising; you should always test at least 2 ads (and audience) variants and observe which ones are performing best. A small statistical test (e.g. a khi-two) can help you determine whether this difference in performance is significant or not (watch out for hasty conclusions).

4- And of course, measure performance

A lead that converts on downloading a document or on the subscription to the newsletter, does not make money, right? On the other hand, as mentioned above, it could very well convert in 6 months. How do you measure it? A well-set tool like a CRM can help!

And don’t forget Cobra Kai’s motto:

Strike first
Strike hard
No mercy…

The link with marketing? There are none…

OR :

Animated Gifs source: https://tenor.com/search/cobra-kai-gifs
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