Product Launch

Make your new product launch a success, with EXOB2B

Our new turnkey product launch program has been designed to promote the commercial success of your products or services. This program, experienced in various mandates, aims to maximize the return on your investments in R&D and marketing.

Too often, a new product launch will result in failure:

  • 20 to 25% in the industrial sector
  • about 30% in the services sector
  • from 70 to 95% in high-tech industry

Considering the risks associated with the introduction of new products and services, it is essential to do things right from the start in order to maximize your investments.

The tangible benefits of our program:

  • Short-term notoriety increase
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • The generation of prospects for the sales force and intermediaries.
  • Reduced product adjustments to be made, not only in the launch phase, but also in later phases
  • Improved return on your investments in R & D and marketing

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