Reactivating clients in B2B

Collaboration – July 18, 2012

Marketing is often used to acquire new clients. However, more attention should be paid to the oft-neglected source of prospects and sales, which resides in the historical efforts of a company. Reactivating clients with marketing is often very profitable.

Many elements must be revisited regularly:

  • Analyze why clients buy less frequently or not at all;
  • Validate whether or not your offer still responds to market demands;
  • Revisit the sales process.

Maybe you will discover that the buyer left and no one was available to take over. Wouldn’t you prefer to know about this rather than having a competitor come and rob you of your market share? These questions and many others are worth asking in order to establish marketing strategies and action points which will reactivate the sales cycles.

Acquiring clients: a difficult task in B2B

We all know it: acquiring new clients costs five to ten times more than maintaining an existing clientele. Reactivating a former client should be less expensive. So why not capitalize on this goldmine that is asking no more than to be exploited?

At the same time, account reactivation is also a reason to consider a loyalty program. I suggest reading a recent blog post by Lynda St-Arneault on this topic as well as consulting our B2B loyalty program.

Marketing as a tool facilitates sales to your current, future and former clients. The present, you’re there. The future, you’re working on it. As for the past, sometimes it deserves to be revisited to revive sales … through marketing!

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