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The fusion of flavors from 2 continents

Founded in 2018 by Fatou Amar Ba, the company behind jooni! juices is the fruit of an adventure marked by culture and travel. Drawing inspiration from her Senegalese roots and her love for her new home, Fatou is building a company that combines the best of both cultures while offering substantial health and wellness benefits.

The first part of our mandate was to find a name for a new brand of fruit juice, jooni!, which in Peul means, NOW.

Peul is a language spoken in some West African countries, such as Senegal.

And since the different flavours offered merge Quebec and Senegal together, finding the appropriate names for the different flavours is important, such as ‘Alma’ for the hibiscus and blueberry based drink from Lac-St-Jean, or ‘Venise-en-Québec’ for the baobab and sea buckthorn based drink.

The other part of the mandate was to create a logo and visual identity for jooni!  We then developed a visual signature to solidify the brand’s image.


Subsequently, we created a modern website based on ExoCore, a WordPress theme developed by ExoB2B to create and integrate new content that will tell the young story of this new brand.