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Tier One Lab Environments

After helping several companies break in to the American market, ExoB2B was chosen by a consortium of American and Canadian companies to deploy their alliance on both sides of the border! TierOne LAB environments, of which five American companies are part of, has entrusted us with the mandate to create a brand image that is putting forward their synergy in this strategic alliance. ExoB2B has also created a website, with the objective to enhance the customer experience in order to generate leads for all members of the alliance.

Coming up with a website that would please many partners of an alliance is a quite the challenge. And this is exactly what we have achieved through our smooth collaboration with ExoB2B.

They quickly grasped the “brand” of the alliance and turned it into a visual experience that every member could agree with. We started with a one-pager that quickly evolved into a full-fledged website that our partners are all eager to be showcased on.

Scaling it up was a slip-streamed process thanks to ExoB2B who truly valued our input and made us an integral part of their team.

Leslie Green, CiF Lab Solutions

  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • UX – User experience
  • UI – User interface
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Content creation