The importance of an SEO indexing strategy in B2B inbound marketing

Collaboration – January 18, 2012


This is the second blog post in a three-part series examining three components of inbound marketing.  The third post will be published in the coming weeks.

The beginning of the year is always a good time to reflect on the next 12 months.  There was much discussion in 2011 concerning the end of indexing as we know it.  But the reality is that we will still need an inbound marketing strategy, especially when it comes to positioning a company with the help of search engines.

Why your B2B SEO strategy is important

Without a doubt, both the framework and the role of SEO have evolved over the past few months.  Many of us can remember a time when dubious techniques ensured favorable spots in search engine results.

We are now in the year 2012 and quality indexing allows us to be found quickly and easily by our potential clients.  A good indexing is an important asset for any company!

Establish a strategy of B2B indexing

The approach will depend on your business objectives.

For example, some companies may base their strategy on an in-depth comparison between suppliers of similar services.  For others, it might focus on thought-leadership.

In the age of universal research, search engines have enlarged the galaxy of content that can be presented in search results.  Videos, images and PDFs are readily available.  Add to that geographic positioning and recent data and you get a dynamic market where only the most daring methods can succeed.

Though the art and science of this asset remain important, information and inspiration, in addition to strategy, must also be considered in this ever-changing channel.

Information: your strategy concerning present and future content

When we index correctly, we are compensated with a higher ranking in search engine results and increased traffic on our website.  However, it is important to remember that clients, current or potential, perform searches.  One way or another, information is found by entering key words and the results of these searches must correspond to the requests of our prospects.

To be found by search engine results, your content must:

  • Add value
  • Be relevant
  • Be updated regularly

These elements become even more critical today as Google regularly updates its algorithm so as to ensure that search engine results are always relevant and recent.

Reflecting on an approach which offers valid information to the public is an essential factor of success in indexing.  For this purpose, my suggestion to you is to reread this blog post on The Importance of Content in Inbound B2B Marketing.

Inspiration: the ability of the message to create links with social media

Once the content has been created and the indexing strategy put to use, we must ensure that the information is worth sharing.

Developing quality content is the safest way to do so.  However, in a competitive arena, the advantage will go to those whose message inspires people to share that same message.

This is not an instant miracle; rather the ability of the message to encourage future interactions as the B2B sales cycle is longer than the B2C sales cycle.

As SEO evolves, sharing and interactions within social networks will significantly influence the way in which search engines calculate the relevance of the presented content.

Companies should strive to develop informative content that can be made available to and inspire the consumer.

To summarize, although a new year has begun and we all know that the world of research is constantly evolving, there is a need to consider how information is provided to potential clients and to urge them to share this information.

Have you thought about your content strategy for 2012?  Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us!

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