Social media: a structured perspective for B2B

Lynda St-Arneault – April 2, 2013


I’m delighted to contribute to our strategic alliance with DragonSearch during the next breakfast conference held by Horizon B2B of APCM. For the occasion, the “dragon” Josepf Haslam, North American expert in social media and Vice President and Director of Digital Marketing of the company JCPR Inc., will present the conference entitled, “Social media: a structured perspective for B2B.” The event will take place on Friday, April 12, 2013. Click here for details (Please note that although the conference will be held in English, the website for registration is in French only).

From here on, Josepf will present to you, though his blog post below, the main aspects of his perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

Josepf Haslam
Josepf Haslam

On my 51st birthday, April 12th, 2013 I have the honor of presenting in Montreal to the APCM or  l’Association des professionnels de la communication et du marketing. The title of my talk, which will be in English is “Médias sociaux : Une perspective structurée”. No matter how you say it, taking a structured or process approach to social media is very important. This blog post will highlight areas of that talk as a teaser. Certainly you want to attend and here it lives, to do so please click the link above.


Why Digital Media is Important

A subtle revolution has taken place because of the Internet.  Google calls this the “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT.  The vast majority of us are taking our activities to the cloud.  We have broken old patterns of relationship and sales to research “stimulus” or awareness online. We do not even really think about. We see an ad on TV we Google it.  We hear a radio spot that interests us and we Google that. But, we even surf while shopping, waiting in a Doctor’s office, or thinking about what B2B moves we want to make.

Electronic Multitasking Fun Facts:

  • 77% of TV viewers use a second device while watching TV!
  • An amazing 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially.

Why Social Media is Here to Stay

Social media is here to stay because we want it and it works. Forget the media part. We want social recommendations. We ask friends, family and trusted advisors for advice. Online social has some dramatic impacts. A study from February 2012 which studied billions of online impression and billions of dollars in sales concluded that social media added a lift in revenue of 84% versus organic search alone? Why? I assert it is because we take that warm referral with us into the buy experience. We are more comfortable because we have “social proof” and we up-sell or cross-sell ourselves. Early adopters of social media for B2B are reaping the rewards and investing more into the process. We will discuss certain case studies on April 12th. One such case study is a 40% revenue growth from Twitter relationships alone!

A Process Approach to Social Media

Social media is not about Facebook. In fact, Facebook might be the last place to conduct B2B marketing. Certain studies have shown social media marketing on LinkedIn to be more effective than the similar efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and blogging combined. The key to B2B social media marketing is to understand what platforms your target audience can best be found upon. Research is a critical component of social media marketing. In this presentation we will give you a condensed overview of a robust process for social media marketing. This process involves a strategic approach involving defining your desired outcomes, bench-marking competition, identifying online communities and key influencers. The best part is this process is a science experiment which is controllable and measurable!

Why Measurement is Important to B2B Social Media

The heart of any excellent business process is repeat-ability and measurement. It is not only a mistake to think that social media cannot be measured, it is flat out incorrect! We will examine why you need to measure your social media marketing campaigns and how to measure your social media marketing! The best part of digital marketing is turning it into evidence marketing. We can measure almost every aspect of digital marketing and understand our ROI. By measuring digital marketing we can improve upon it and increase our conversion rates. Measurement in marketing is the new black, and its sexy.

A Request to the APCM

Please connect with me in advance on LinkedIn. You may find me here: Josepf Haslam on LinkedIn.  If you are interested, I would be happy to use your company as a working example in my presentation materials.  This will give you some excellent perspective and a more detailed over-view of the process for B2B social media.  Be brave, contact me.

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