Social Media in B2B Marketing

Lynda St-Arneault – February 25, 2010

Here’s one topic which is of concern for managers, especially B2B marketing and sales managers: Social media and their relevance in business development. Then, there are matters related to media selection and its interaction with the structures and operations of B2B companies.

Today, I will answer the first question: the relevance of social media in B2B. Last December, I received very interesting statistics from emarketer on the use of social media in B2B as opposed to B2C. These statistics were taken from an extensive study on this subject.

Those who continue to believe that social media initiatives are only suitable for B2C, think again:

  • B2B companies take better advantage of the marketing possibilities of social media than B2C companies.
  • B2B companies are much more active than B2C companies in terms of the marketing initiatives they bring forward in social media.
  • B2B companies manage profits on more social media sites than B2C companies.

Here is a table taken from the study published by emarketer. It speaks for itself:

Of course, this is about B2B in general terms without differentiation for company size or industry type. But this should be a convincing indicator for most managers!

My next pieces will concentrate on the same topic, but will concentrate on certain elements that allow us to make the right tactical choices.

If you have questions or comments or if you want to share your B2B social media experience with us, please write. We just love to share stories!

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