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Spring, and the changes that come with it, will be here soon: below you will find some of the latest in B2B in Quebec and elsewhere from the last two weeks, concocted by Exo Marketing.

1. Next winter, Bombardier will perform full-scale tests of new electric vehicles in Montreal

A little chauvinism never hurts anyone. No one doubts that the Quebec cold will put the new Primove batteries to the test! We obviously hope the mission is a success for Bombardier, who is collaborating with several companies all across North America and the world. Read more.

2. Google: a global company with local concerns

The main advantage of the web is having a “global” reach. But for Google, that can also be a disadvantage. The Californian company is being ordered by European authorities to make its privacy rules conform to local laws. This is a case to be followed closely and that could have major repercussions on the “Google system” (search engines, email, news, etc.).

3. Retail commerce and e-competition

As discussed in an article from our blog, e-commerce is booming and several traditional actors need to adapt. This is the case with Best Buy that generalizes its policy on the web: “we always match the lowest price.” Will this be enough? Read more.

4. Scheduled opening of the Google Store

Even though some companies are trying to make their sales strategy more virtual, others, like Google, are trying to make it more tangible. Will the “product experience” from Google Stores be as driven as in the Apple stores? Answers to come at the end of 2013 in the United States. Read more.

5. An internet tax to follow (not closely)

In France, the government will consider implementing an internet tax. The objective of this tax is to reconcile the digital economy with digital taxation. This could have repercussions in other countries if the results are conclusive and satisfy the involved actors.

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