The top nightmares of B2B marketing

It’s Halloween today! The perfect day for telling a few frightful tales.

Our team tells you some of their worst nightmares, personal and professional


Personal phobia: Bears! Lynda sings when she goes jogging in the forest for fear of meeting a bear… Lynda, singing? What would scare off a 500 kg grizzly Kodiak anyway?

B2B marketing phobia : A client that has developed a product and has put all their eggs in one basket, R&D. Once at the start-up stage, two things occur frequently:

  • Customers for this product are ghosts; they don’t know their target and have made some trials, and sometimes, fatal errors
  • Not having planned a realistic budget for its product launch. We now know that the introduction phase of a product is the most expensive in the lifecycle of a product.

This gives goose bumps to several people at Exo!


Personal phobia: Fear of flying… and Nathalie has had to fly several times in her life. She can always count on her friend “Gravol” to soothe her anxiety.

B2B marketing phobia : A customer who has developed a new Web site, however, his site is the devil himself; attractive from the outside, but has an ugly interior. It is beautiful visually, but has several shortcomings. The message is not clear, so the site has no “call-to-action’ and has no specific purpose (what do you want people to do on the Web site? Your website must meet your target for lead generation!).


Personal phobia: Anne is very afraid of mice. The fact that there are 2 rodents for every human in this city terrifies her!

 B2B marketing phobia: Everyone has competition, but what do you do when the competition is a serial killer, who kills all its other competitors and now has you in its sight? You often have to do some strategic repositioning! With what marketing weapons you ask? Chainsaw, a 12-gauge or machete?


Personal phobia: Claudine is terribly afraid of heights! The thought makes her blood freeze in her veins.

 B2B marketing phobia:  A client that has an excellent web site, but who only uses Google Analytics to count the number of visits on their site. That’s fine, we do want traffic on a web site (contrary to traffic on Pie – IX Street), however, it only means that people come to see the site and not perform the desired actions.


Personal phobia: Spiders… but not just any, spiders with hair, larger than the spiders normally found in Québec, and the ones that bite.

B2B marketing phobia: Ending up with a Sales Funnel completely empty; No leads = no prospects = no future sales! How many will sell in the next 6 months? This is nothing compared to the abyss that may lie ahead, or the bankruptcy of the company. Oh, the horror!

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