The trend of “Smart” products

For several years now, the word Smart appeared here and there. This term is used as an adjective in a lot of cases: smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches or even for a car or clothes, with the manufacturer Smart and the  clothes designer SmartSet. One more? Mike Lemire from Hubspot published a guide with « smart » in the name. ”How to Set SMART Marketing Goals for 2014”. Where does this trend come from and what does it mean to us ?

According to its definition, the word « smart » refers to someone who is witty and thinks and acts fast, efficiently. Why is this word used for consumption products then? It could be explained with technological innovations that allow manufacturers to improve their products and add some specifications such as:

  • Customization: ability to customize in functions to the needs of the user
  • Adaptability: making it possible to meet and adapt to the demands of users within short delays
  • Proactivity: ability to anticipate the intentions of the user
  • Localisation: ability to adjust in function of the geographic position of the user
  • Interconnectivity: ability to communicate with other products or users

However, this phenomenon could have consequences in different segments. Every company has to adapt itself to meet the demands of consumers, whether it is for the conception of a website which has to be responsive or for marketing which has to think about the numerous new ways to connect with the consumers. In the end, the trend of “smart products” coined new ways to work.

And after taking over the area of products, it could spread further. The specifications we talked about have to guide us in our offers of services. Customization, adaptability, proactivity, localisation and interconnectivity have to be a part of our marketing strategies.

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