Understanding the impact of data mining and artificial intelligence on data analysis

15 June 2017 by    Alain Thériault

Alain Thériault speaks with Claude Théoret, CEO and founder of Nexalogy.

Nexalogy is a tool for extracting and analyzing data from social networks.

Nexalogy doesn’t just provide monitoring (analysis of one or several data sets). It does a complete analysis of your social media data: better understanding of the community, publications data analysis, activities analysis, knowing influencers and competitors …

The objective of this tool is to provide a strategic advantage through a detailed analysis of all extracted, identified and mapped data. The ultimate goal is to succeed on social media and beyond.

In this video, learn more about the influence of data mining on marketing

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Learn more about data and artificial intelligence!

About Alain Thériault

If a man does not walk at the same pace as his companions, it may be that he does not hear the same drum. Let him follow the music he hears! A former College dropout, Alain has that out-of-the-box thinking that enables him to come up with creative solutions. He went back to school to study guidance counseling and after a few years of work in the field, went back again, to earn an MBA. A bachelor of Education and an MBA in marketing is not exactly your typical learning path! Yet, that odd match was exactly what allowed him to become the General Manager of the University of Montreal's entrepreneurship center. Being… Read more

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