Various solutions and tools to find keywords to help optimize a website

Collaboration – August 19, 2014

Keyword research is a critical step in the reinforcement of a web site. Without them and without content strategy, a web site is less likely to be seen and found in search engines by different target audiences.

There are several free tools to use to help find relevant key words:

  • Ubersuggest is a free tool which offers suggestions of key words for all types of research (regular, images, video, E-commerce, etc).
  • is a tool for finding keywords typed into the Google search engine. It generates 750 suggestions by key word. These are positioned in order of importance where the best results will be in the top positions.
  • Adwords (keyword planner) is a keyword planning tool with Adwords. It allows you to find keywords for the next paying Adwords advertising campaigns and also the keywords that have the greatest hits.
  •  Google Trend is a tool that measures how often a term is searched for in the Google search engine.
  • Google Suggest, auto-complete offers keywords associated with the term entered in the Google search bar.
  • Google Related Searches: is a free tool designed by Google that offers keyword suggestions at the bottom of the Google search engine page
  • Google webmaster tools (tool for webmasters) is a free tool that provides a detailed visibility report on the pages of a website on Google search engines. It allows you to find keywords that helped find the website.
  • Wordstream is another free tool to find long keywords (long-trail keywords). The search for long-trail keywords is made up of a phrase containing 3-5 keywords. These keywords are very specific and will attract less traffic on the site, but traffic quality will be better.

 In my next blog, I will test out paying tools that generate keywords. And you, do you have any specific tools you use to find your keywords?

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