Web analytics: some new features and their impact on B2B

Vincent Cloutier-Naud – April 21, 2021

Things are happening in the fascinating world of web analytics! It moves so fast that you can feel left behind and even overwhelmed.

For the average manager in B2B, web analytics comes down to impressions, clicks, CTR (click-through-rate) bounce rate, average page, conversion rate… But it’s of course more than that (uh, revelation). Here’s a summary of what’s going on and why you should be interested.

To make it interesting, I’m going to talk about real cookies throughout this post… Oh, hello originality!

Cookiecalypse – the end of third-party cookies

What’s a third-party cookie? Let’s first differentiate the internal cookie from the third party.

Internal (or native) cookie: normally generated by the server of the site itself. For example, it is used to memorize preferences and thus improve the user experience (e.g., memorize a password).

Third-party cookie: it is used to collect data on the Internet user who browses the Web in order to draw up a profile (ex: the Facebook pixel).

Why is it important?

Google Chrome will no longer use third-party cookies as of 2022. Why not? To comply with European and California data protection standards and, to be really good people by protecting other people’s privacy…

bullshit analytique

The GAFAM data war is officially underway, where you and I will be the collateral victims.

… and what will be the impact on my B2B business? The way you advertise online will change; little or no remarketing possible, it will be more difficult and, shallower campaign performance tracking.

Basically, in the not-too-distant future, the cookie box will give you this feeling:

Facebook Ads vs. IOS14 – What’s this message?

analytique Web

Do you advertise on Facebook and have you seen this disturbing message?

IOS14 (Apple) recently announced a major update to protect its users’ privacy from the infamous Facebook. This will have a significant impact on measuring the performance of Facebook campaigns.

Are you still wondering if there is a war going on between the web giants?

On your side, you poor collateral victim, there are some tricks you can do to limit the damage:

  • Verify the domain name of your company
  • Configure the aggregate measurement of events
  • Update your Facebook campaigns

It’s a small technique to use an internal cookie instead of third parties. It is, if you will, a way to “hide” your Oreo in a box of grapes nuts (do you have children? That’s a good trick).


Source : https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/7-sneaky-ways-to-hide-food-from-your-mooching-roommate

Disappearance of Facebook Analytics

You may have received this message from Facebook:


I’d bet that after reading the 3 first lines, you got into the fetal position, in the corner of your office (or the living room since you’re probably teleworking anyway), you ate 1 Oreo cookie and you exclaimed; “My advertising reports will no longer exist!”

Of course not… Facebook Analytics is just that tool you’ve never used anyway (nor have I, except once at the cottage).

analytique Web

So, don’t panic; your advertising reports will still exist after June 30, 2021.

But really… Who cares?


Google Analytics 4

If you’re using Google Analytics, you’ve probably seen an invitation to use the new Google Analytics 4.

Does it matter? Yes, it does! In the near future, the current Universal Analytics will no longer be supported and will be replaced by GA4.

What are its advantages? The advantage is that the GA4 property can be used for one site and one application (or both).

What do I do now? Add GA4 to your site, keep Universal Analytics too. This is the first step and don’t wait too long either.

Will I have to reset everything I’ve done? Unfortunately, yes!

Google Search Console – Experience Report on the Page

As of May 2021, the user experience will become an important factor in the ranking (referencing) of a website.

To this end, this report has been added to your Google Search Console. Right here:

analytique Web

To work on that, we fall into a more technical aspect. You’ll need a hand.

So, what else for the future?

I regret to announce that this article will soon be outdated (but at least still fun to read). The cookie war has only just begun.

It’s all Chinese (… Chinese fortune cookie perhaps?)

 Get help…By us preferably :))

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