Why should I use webinars in my B2B strategy?

Social media, email campaigns, AdWords, blogs are among the most widely used channels in online marketing strategies.

Most of us have been leveraging these  for a while now! That’s why it’s also necessary to mix things up and use new marketing tools to achieve complimentary or different goals. Have you ever thought of using webinars in your B2B marketing strategy? There are very good arguments to do so!

Read what follows to find out what a webinar is, as well as what its objectives and benefits are, and how to exploit them.

What is a webinar?

The word “webinar” is a contraction of the words “web” and “seminar”, it’s an online presentation moderated by one or several speakers talking to a target audience.

Webinars can deal with a large variety of subjects, in any sector of activity. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 40% of B2B marketers use webinars, and 70% think they are particularly effective.

Why should I do webinars?

Are you one of those people who doesn’t really believe in the potential of webinars? Are you aware of the benefits you can reap from them?

Webinars are first and foremost a communication channel made up of interaction, exchange, and debates … all live! They can be informative, educational, in the form of a workshop, or simply theoretical. Up to you to choose the format that will best suit you.

The purpose of a webinar is to answer your target audience’s questions and concerns. You need to offer them your expertise and know-how in order to not only to sustain your market reputation but also to improve your online visibility.

Finally, the main objective is, of course, to generate new leads. Webinar participants are certainly interested by the subject, but that could be just the tip of the iceberg! It’s up to you to do follow ups with your audience and qualify your leads.

How to make your webinar a success

It would be a shame not to “nail” your webinar! The very first thing to do for a successful webinar is prepare!

Carefully select your webinar platform

There are several platforms to choose from. These are generally paying but relatively reliable, such as GoToWebinar and Webex.

Choose your subject

Think about the elements you want to cover, build your presentation and rehearse! A webinar shouldn’t exceed an hour otherwise you risk losing your busy participants. You can also offer webinars in “flash” format, that is, less than 30 minutes long and on a rather light topic.

Promote your webinar!

To get as many participants as possible, you have to promote it, otherwise, your webinar is unlikely to succeed! Talk about it on your social networks, send newsletters, add mention of it into your e-mail signature, post it on webinar websites … And don’t forget to add reminders and follow up!


Want to find out more about webinars but don’t know where to start? Come to see us and let’s talk about it!

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