Marketing Outsourcing: Embrace it before it’s too late

Collaboration – 7 March 2011

The case for Outsourcing

Marketing has been evolving rapidly over the last 10 years and requires now more competencies than what can be mastered and maintained up-to-date by internal staff.

To keep the pace, business-to-business SMBs need to integrate a vast array of marketing disciplines, multi-channel expertise, and constantly evolving technological know-how into their marketing practices.

Marketing has changed and most SMBs are struggling to adapt. This is not a joke.

If this is your reality, your internal marketing team is not enough anymore to assure a satisfactory ROI of your marketing function. The expertise required to succeed in these days is found outside your walls.

The path to extinction

Every marketing manager has the responsibility to optimize the utilization of its resources.

Managers that neglect the practice of Marketing Outsourcing place themselves in a precarious position to maintain the competitiveness of their company and consequently hamper the fostering of a sustainable growth.

Some managers might excel at constantly increasing employee productivity, but sooner or later they must report and be accountable for the hard-line financial contribution that their department brings to the company and its stakeholders.

By neglecting to embrace outsourcing, managers fall into a downward spiral of decreasing performance that eventually leads them to extinction … in other words, they eventually end up losing their job!

Not convinced yet? Read the article about Marketing Outsourcing if you need to know more.

What’s your take?

  • Where do you stand on the issue of Marketing Outsourcing?
  • Which activities are you ready to outsource (or which ones are you already outsourcing)?
  • Has outsourcing helped to improve your marketing ROI?
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