B2B content marketing? Why not!

Collaboration – 21 January 2014

In recent months, invitations to Webinars and other online events do not stop coming in. Their subject? All or almost all provide key information regarding ‘content ‘. How can you succeed in creating content marketing? How can you create relevant content that ‘works ‘?  This is what’s making waves in marketing at the moment, and it’s about time!

What these webinars don’t mention however, is that content marketing is what we do primarily for our clients. Clients who have a reality very different from the marketing agencies and who don’t necessarily have resources as large agencies do either.

What often happens at these events, where experts give us tips and advice is that they forget one small detail… “These are great tips, but they apply only in B2C and not B2B”…this is the most common reaction at Exo.

However, content marketing is relevant in B2B, very relevant in fact. We need to accept the reality that B2B is very different from B2C.

The B2B purchasing process is very different also, as you know. Here, no impulsive buying is involved, but a purchase reflected on a decision or even an investment. In this decision, many players come into effect. The nature of the products or services is also different. It is generally more technical, more accurate, more specialized, and with greater risks associated with the purchase. In other words, a B2B purchase decision is the result of a long and important reflection.

Where is the right place for content marketing?

B2B content marketing must play the role of actor, which supports the final decision. It should comfort the client or prospect, show credibility and the legitimacy of the product or service. B2B content marketing is an indicator. By topics of information, advice, examples, case studies or a blog, a company can put forward verified and interesting content and bring added value to the reader.

And all of this for what? So that the prospect, after browsing the website or blog, can say  “Wow! They sure do know what they are talking about!”, and this can make all the difference from transforming a prospect, into a client.