Content marketing conference, here is some feedback

Collaboration – February 13, 2014

Tuesday February 11th held the Conference for Les Affaires on the theme of marketing content in Montreal. I joined as a participant, but was also invited by one of our clients for a round table discussion entitled ‘Content Marketing: when, how and what?’

First of all, I have to admit my astonishment to see a full house! Not that I had any doubt in the quality of the program, but rather surprised to see the interest in the topic among entrepreneurs in Quebec. The public seemed varied, both at the level of industries, the size of the companies and the types of businesses (B2C and B2B) than by the experience of content marketing. We guessed which were the skeptics, those who were beginners and who were more seasoned.  To collect all this information, a concrete program was put in place which included roundtables, case studies, educational presentations, etc.

Far be it from me is the idea to summarize this in a few lines. A multitude of rich testimonies were given, and although I am at risk to impoverish them, I will confine myself to simply highlight some relevant points which were addressed, and to which I agree with from my experience:

  • The marketing of content is primarily, just marketing! It is not the content for content, but rather part of a strategy consistent with that of the enterprise, concrete and realistic objectives and measures of these objectives.
  • Doing content marketing has its challenges! Among them is its implementation. Just remember that consistency is one of the key success factors. Produce and disseminate on a regular basis relevant content, adapting it to who distinguishes your company isn’t always easy. Either way, Exo B2B certainly has a solution to help you achieve this.
  • Content marketing is part of a strategy that concerns your company as a whole. For it to be successful, it must be an integral part of the culture of your company. Marketing is indeed the case, but your marketing content (not necessarily its formatting, but the bottom line!) is the business of all your employees; from your engineers to your technicians, and through to your representatives. Of course however, it must be managed by marketing.

Finally, exchanges of this conference were at the height of my hopes, both concrete and relevant. They seized my attention because I have found it a reality that we live daily with our clients. I confess to feeling a certain pride by the assurance of our client and his satisfied remarks at the round table. It must be admitted that inbound marketing and content strategy that we have developed for this B2B PME is a success that allows it to stand out in the market. It materializes, among others, by increasing notoriety (this brought our client to be a speaker of such an event) or by the virtual doubling of visits to their internet site.

But this pride is also owed to the fact of belonging to a company that is able to be a front runner in this field and which proposes and puts in place policies of inbound marketing for B2B in sharp and specialized skills. If you want to learn more about our client’s success, please feel free to contact us.

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