Content Marketing Drives Sales

Collaboration – November 18, 2011

Online marketing is made of many things, but one of the most effective strategies is through content. That’s obvious, you might say. But bringing basics back to top of mind sometimes helps.

According to the “B2B Marketing Trends 2011 Survey” produced by HiveFire in August 2011 to a group of B2B marketers including CMOs, VPs or marketing and business owners, 82% of B2B Marketers use Content Marketing as a strategy in their marketing programs. Content Marketing is the creation and publication of original content (blog posts, photos, videos, website resource pages, white papers, case studies, etc.).

Why? Because it drives leads!

78% of respondents state their intended primary goal with their Content Marketing is to “Drive sales and leads to their organization”. That percentage is twice as much as those who choose “Establishing/maintain through leadership” or “Boost brand awareness” as their primary goal. Content Marketing drives leads because, according the survey, it “Engages customers and prospects” (82%), “Drives sales” (55%), “Educates the market” (44%), and “Increases web traffic” (43%), along with other side benefits.

This demonstrates that customers and prospects are online. No wonder 79% of respondents share the majority of their content online.

Regardless of the industry or sector focus, Content Marketing is used by more than 80% of respondents with a sales cycle spanning several months to a year.

Why? Because its cost efficient

For half of respondents, Content Marketing requires less than 30% of their marketing budgets and provides ROI! Of course, many invest more in that strategy than others depending on the particularities of their markets.

Content Marketing Challenges

But like all strategies, there are inherent challenges.

  • 69% of respondents indicate they don’t have time to practice Content Market properly or at all.
  • 66% mention having difficulty producing original content.
  • 37% say do not have the staff to produce content.
  • 38% have challenges measuring results.

Content Marketing, an important element of Integrated B2B Marketing

Here at Exo Integrated B2B Marketing, not only do we strongly believe in Content Marketing, we regard it as one of our strategic pillars for our clients.  Well written, pertinent, and thoughtful content is key. Writing with style is an art. Writing for online media is a science. Promoting, releasing, and measuring the impact of content is also mandatory for a well thought out and executed Integrated B2B Marketing initiative.

Bottom line

You know the saying, “Content is King”. It’s true, but then Context, Delivery, Measurement, and other related marketing activities are Queens. This study like many other will state it over and over, online marketing (and traditional marketing) is about pertinent content. It drives leads. Content Marketing provides ROI. Think of it!

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