Today, Exo B2B celebrates its 12 years… and this is just the beginning!

January 22nd 2002, we launch Exo Consulting in Verdun. One singular gesture becomes a permanent involvement, which starts an exciting adventure.

At that time, Exo had a mission; to create B2B web marketing for Quebec PME’s. A few months pass, and at the end of several mandates, we soon realised that to meet the real needs of our clients, and to achieve our vision of marketing in 2002, we had to integrate marketing, traditional web marketing, sales and communications with the help of technology. We became an integrated marketing company dedicated to the B2B market.

Twelve intense years later, and oh, how enriching it has been to work with passionate and demanding businesses, entrepreneurs and specialists in their field of expertise! Twelve years, during which we surpassed and made each mandate an opportunity to create value for our clients.

Twelve years of experience and development in the B2B market has shown us trends in marketing and sales, and to address them, we create content through our blog, our research via ExoLab, our guides and conferences. This gave us a solid foundation and the credibility necessary to achieve our goals.

2014; still young but experienced, Exo has incredible aspirations to bring our clients to their next level of growth, and thus making each day, a new beginning!

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