Facebook: dare to use paid reach!

Collaboration – March 11, 2014

Facebook is a great pool for “potential”. Customers, prospects and ambassadors of your product or your mark; they are numerous and they are not only theoretical. We know that to put any content on Facebook and to wait until it is read, shared and appreciated, can be long. Worse still, there are chances that your page and its content, however good it may be, never sees take off.

Therefore, one needs an audience, a sufficient number of people so that, as a whole, the results which do count are good. And, to obtain this audience, the content must be pleasing so it will bring people to “like” the pages, to share them and to become a follower. It is thus a complicated circle with no end, where the good content should triumph. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, due to the lack of an audience.

How then, can you increase this audience? With good content, yes, but sometimes, that is not enough and one needs a little push to launch the engine.

Publicity is one of the solutions. But where many “purchase” fans and create artificial and far from relevant audiences, there are less expensive and more effective means.

There is of course, the pay-per-click type advertising, with possibilities of very precise delivery. One ensures oneself as well, that the target is relevant, and a follow-up of the results and an analysis can help to refine the campaign. It is necessary all the same, that this campaign has an appreciation, an incentive, something that will make your target audience want to subscribe.

The other option, less known, is what is called the “paid reach”. Respectively, you pay so that your advertisement on the social network appears in flows of information of a precise target (by geographical areas, age or even by interest). Better still, with this campaign, one can reach the “friends of friends”, i.e. the friends of all the people who subscribed in your page. This way, the content proposed by publicity is legitimate, thanks to the referents which are your “fans”. With this technique, 25$ or 50$ on a good publication can reach a high peak: hundreds of shares, thousands of views.

The reach can therefore be the small push necessary to help create an audience on a Facebook page, and finally, to offer the chance for your (good) content to be seen.

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