Social Media: What if people say bad things?

Collaboration – February 7, 2011


As a marketing professional that specialises in social media marketing, I get that question all the time. And since I get it all the time, posting the answer on our blog makes a lot of sense.

The scene:

I’m sitting at a client’s office. The client is interested in integrating social media to his other marketing activities. I explain all the benefits. It all makes sense. Then comes the question:

“What if people say bad things about my products, my brand, or my company?”

I search through my mind for the pre-programmed answers.

Answer 1)

They’re already talking about your products, your brand, and your company. However, without social media monitoring, or a social media presence, you have no idea what’s being said, nor can you add to, or leverage, the conversations.

Answer 2)

If you come upon a negative comment, don’t see that as a negative thing, see it as an opportunity to make a positive impact. Listen to what your client is saying, why he or she’s dissatisfied, and address the issue publicly for all to see. Turn a negative into a positive by showing your client base that you are listening to, and care, about what they think.

(Then I use the Pizza Hut example.)

Answer 3)

If the majority of your clients are constantly saying negative things about your products, your brand, or your company, then you have bigger problems to worry about than social media marketing. Get your house in order first then you can start with social media.

It’s always a variation of one of those 3. Social Media doesn’t start conversations, it simply puts a lens to what’s already being said. By being aware of what’s being said, you have the advantage of knowing directly what your clients think about your products, brand, or company. By knowing you can act.

How can that be a bad thing in any way, shape, or form?

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