The #3 B2B Marketing Bi-Monthly

You were on vacation for two weeks and feel overwhelmed by all the exciting news? Here’s a summary that should guarantee you a smooth transition back to work!

1. Whistling a tune with an eye on your Twitter feed

At the end of March, Twitter will come out with an application that will help you discover new music artists. Is this good news for those from the music industry who will now be able to reach all 500 million Twitter users? Yet we know that both My Space and Ping (from Apple) were unable to do this on the long-term…

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2. Blocking ads on the internet: the consequences may be more involved than they seem…

More modules (for example, AdBlock Plus) and web browsers (like Safari and Firefox) now block ads on the net. This way, we can finally say goodbye to pop ups, ads and other banners. The web giants (namely, Google) are rising to meet the challenge by limiting the use of anti-advertising software: this represents a significant economic loss and raises the issue about whether web content should be free.

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3. Chromebooks: low-cost computers from Google

Considered by some as poor copies of Apple’s MacBook Pro, by others as computers at unbeatable prices, Google’s Chromebooks don’t go unnoticed. Different versions are available in Canada now starting from $250.

This product is also a great example of B2B cooperation, given the large number of professionals, and types of professionals, involved (Acer, Samsung, HP, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc.).

4. Invest today to get more tomorrow

A report realized by the World Intellectual Property Organization reveals that international patent filings increased by more than 6 % in 2012. The United States are in first place, while Canada is 12th with a drop by 6.7 % in its international patents filings.

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