The Quebec snow cover is finally starting to disappear as the temperatures climb in the Belle Province. Spring almost makes us forget the B2B news of the past two weeks. Here’s a quick summary of the breaking news!

On your marks. Get set. Go!

Lena Garibian highlighted the main points of a study realized by Ascend2. The goal of the survey was to compare the use of certain strategies and emtrics, depending on whether a company works B2B or B2C. Paid searches (Pay Per Clic or “PPC”) are the main tactic used in B2B, while social media marketing domainates in B2C.

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Yes we scan!

Barcodes have long been the last thing on my mind. I’ve often thought that it was a technological relic of a different era. Yet, if it’s true that this technology is celebrating its 40th anniversary, il n’en demeure pas moins that it’s used more and more: products of mass consumption, QR codes, product traceability. An essential tool!

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MEC: the equivalent of a plumber for the manufacturing industry

An interesting article presented by Alexandre Maurais and his company MEC. The idea? Help manufacturers facing glitches and technical problems. That must take a lot of flexibility and adaptability to resolve emergency situations like these!

Airbus soars

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus launched a frontal attack against the American company Boeing by installing a production assembly line in Alabama. The objective of the facility, which costs 758 million dollars, will be to manufacture four A320 model planes each month. It’s highly possible that this activity will sustain numerous B2B partners in Europe and in the United States.

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