Top 3 unlikely (and funny) keywords used on search engines

As you may already know, in a web context, it is particularly important for a company to position itself appropriately regarding search engines results. Let’s look in more detail at the statistics of Exo Marketing’s website.

Obviously, the keywords that are used most frequently and that direct users to our website are associated with our brand (exo marketing or exo). These are keywords used by visitors who have already heard of our company, in other words, current clients, partners, curious competitors and, we hope, prospects looking for B2B marketing experts!

Then there are keywords concerning our main activities, such as product launches. These are the most important keywords because they allow new visitors (and thus, new prospects) to be directed to our website.

Finally, there is the category of “out-of-place” keywords, which includes users who were unintentionally directed to our website. Here is a small anthology (very subjective) of the most unlikely keywords used on search engines which will direct users to Exo Marketing’s website:


So what?

The search engine optimisation strategy is one of the most popular tools in B2B marketing because it directs search engine traffic to your website. However, it’s clear that spiders, or indexing robots, can be rather mysterious (even if this does remain marginal). In conclusion, it is important for companies to pay attention to unlikely keywords: what would you think of a website appearing regularly in the results of a search done with negative keywords?

What are the most unlikely (and funny!) keywords used to be directed to your website?

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