Your website is more than store front

Collaboration – 20 November 2014


Your website is more than a store front. It should, of course, put forward your offers, your products and your expertise. It must showcase your team and show how it differentiates from the competition.

But your website should not just be functional. It must be vibrant, change regularly and adapt and supply new information constantly. This is why we add news feeds and calendars. Informing visitors of upcoming things and events is one solution. The best solution is to implement a content strategy based on a blog.

A blog is the most effective way to keep your site active, so that the display becomes a more effective sales tool. Basically:

  •  Companies that blog generate 67% more leads (source: Social Media B2B);
  •  60% of consumers feel more confident after reading content on a website (Source: Content +).

In addition, the blog will improve your SEO (blog posts are keywords, back links and are shared on social networks, which help!) and, it gives you legitimacy in B2B. Your blog should help the client or prospect make a decision. It must show credibility and the legitimacy of your product or service. B2B content marketing is an indicator. With some info, advice, examples, case studies or a blog, a company can highlight interesting content and it offers something extra to the reader.

Because your website is more than just a store front, it needs a content strategy. What will you talk about? How often? On which networks will you share your blog posts?

This strategy is key to a healthy, efficient and profitable web ecosystem.

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