Website Redesign and Renovation Project: What do They Have in Common?

Collaboration – November 14, 2013


In my personal life, I currently live with the joys and sorrows of a renovation project that is close to my heart, my home kitchen. I changed the color of the walls, the layout of appliances, I made additions, I incorporated new trends, etc. And of course, all this is connected to a pre-planned budget.

In parallel to my professional life, I’m working on the redesign of client websites. We changed the color of several graphics, modified the location of certain content, we made additions, we incorporated new trends, etc. So you see, there are similarities between my renovation project and the re-design of my clients’ websites. And obviously, there is talk of budget in both cases…

Kitchen renovation budget

If you have already renovated your kitchen, you probably know that in general, half of the budget must be planned for materials and the other half on labour. So no matter your budget, be it $10,000 or $100,000, this rule applies.

Website re-design budget

With regards to a website revamp budget, I would say that in general, 50% of the budget should be used to create the web site and the other half should be invested annually to bring visitors onto it. So no matter your budget, you have to think that the creation of the site is not the only cost, and you must set aside a budget to generate traffic as well.

Plan your budget accordingly

If I invested all my money on the renovation of my kitchen, and didn’t think to keep a part of my budget aside to invite my friends and family over to enjoy a good meal throughout the year, then it wouldn’t make sense, even though I’m sure, my kitchen would turn out beautifully.

On the other hand, if a client invests all their budget on the redesign or the creation of a web site, and they have not kept a similar amount aside to bring in visitors over a period of 12 months, it will be a very big disappointed as far as results that this new site will generate, even though it is aesthetically pleasing.

Do not forget the unexpected

I had planned a certain budget for the renovation of my kitchen, but unexpected events always occur, or sometimes, I myself decide to add expenses by choosing more expensive materials or changing all my appliances.

It is the same with websites. I strongly advise my clients to provide a small additional budget for the unexpected or the extras, because often, they decide to add a section to the web site or to develop a tool that was not foreseen in the original plan.

Also, a maintenance budget is needed, as much for my kitchen as for the web site. It is a task which must be done on an ongoing basis.

And after a few years, I’ll probably find that my kitchen is no longer a trend, that the colours I’ve chosen are less fashionable and I will possibly further a few renovations. Like my client, he will want to change the design and the colours of his site. He’ll reinvest to make his company’s image fit the trend of the day.

But be careful. The look of my kitchen or a web site, is important. But what is most important is not visible. In fact, the two must be functional. I have to be able to cook efficiently and my visitors should feel comfortable. It is exactly the same for a website in B2B. It must allow to track sales effectively and visitors must enjoy their experience on the site.

Whatever it is, I’m anxious for my kitchen renovation project to be completed and the new Exo web site as well…

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