Your favorites: our top 10 B2B blog posts of 2016

The month of January is a good time to take our best guesses about the year ahead. These days you’ll find a plethora of blog posts, speciality press articles as well as graphics and videos that try to anticipate what will be noteworthy over the next year, especially in marketing. We wanted to do the opposite by creating a top 10 list of our blog posts from 2016. This exercise involved your participation because these posts are the most read, loved and shared by YOU!

And guess what? Here we are a few days behind a blog published by Christine Viera of B2B Marketing Academy. Here is their blog post, published on Saturday January 14th:

A thematic breakdown

Here are 10 posts that have generated the most interest. Oh! By the way… to do things a little differently than the Academy, we’ll republish these posts in the coming weeks by updating them with major marketing themes. It will be a kind of thematic countdown from 10 to 1! Note that blogs 6 and 9 are in two parts and that blogs 3 and 7 are English and French versions of the same blog.

So, here they are…















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