3 things to optimize your website

There is a trend towards a faster and better structured internet, which is a way to provide an optimal experience for users. Google, the largest web influencer, includes in its filters an algorithm penalizing websites that do not promote good user experience. A good user experience can be summarized in three factors; accessibility, content and speed. These three factors are essential in the design of a web site. Promoting these 3 points will ensure you get the good graces of the search engine and users. To evaluate a website, several tools are available but let’s check these three factors.


The accessibility of a web site is defined by the architecture and ergonomic design. Recent technologies have transformed the way we consult web documents. The mobility of connected devices and their size are such that the cross-platform accessibility is one of the most important web design factors. A site must be optimal on all possible devices. In addition, search engines are now able to analyze the structure of HTML-CSS-Javascript codes. A site well designed and programmed for all devices will have an advantage on search results.


This is where content marketing makes sense. A web ecosystem increasingly integrates blogs. This generates a lot of rich content which is put forth by search engines. Currently, they index a website and identify the key words in the text, links, URL’s and alternative tags of the images. Now, with the help of more advanced robots and algorithms, the search engines are able to measure and analyze the images and expressions to help understand the text, not just to list of keywords. This factor will change how to optimize a website, but also push developers to offer the best possible content. Here is a tool that allows you to analyze the content of your site: https://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo-tools.html


Loading time of a website is another factor taken into account by search engines. Statistically, it has been shown that a large part of an audience will leave a website if the load time exceeds 2 seconds. A simple and well structured code and a fast server with optimized content will be decisive to obtain optimal traffic and be favored by the search engine. Take advantage of cache functions and different tools available to fully optimize your website. Here are two handy tools to assess this factor: https://tools.pingdom.com/  and https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Several ways exist to improve the effectiveness of a website. However, the primary objective is to excel with accessibility, content and speed. Respect this and your site will perform, guaranteed.

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