Here are some web trends that will continue over time!

Jean Gougeon – June 1, 2021

Trends are very often short-lived, do not hold up well over time and are quickly replaced by the next new ‘thing’. There are, on the other hand, some trends that persist and for good reasons.

Adopting these web trends makes it easier for website managers or B2B marketing departments. This is the case, I think, with the following small list.

Simple and pure web user interface

The first reaction of many customers to a new B2B web design is to want to add more to it. The logic is not to miss an opportunity to say as much as possible in the smallest amount of space.

While the premise is correct from an SEO point of view, there is an inescapable effect of an interface design (UI). If it is cluttered, the user will skip the section due to lack of understanding and move on.

This is NOT the behavior you are looking for in terms of user experience (UX). Make content easy to understand with concise titles. Also use relevant content, original images, and calls to action.

  1. « Less is more »
  2. Flexibility
  3. Judicious use of negative space
  4. Content hierarchy
  5. Alignment
  6. Typographic optimization to improve readability

These are all best practices to apply to any design, especially when the website is used on a mobile phone.

CRM integration (customer relationship management)

In B2B marketing, lead generation is the top priority of any website, closely followed by brand awareness. There are several ways to collect information about users, traditionally over the phone or through a direct mail campaign.

However, the most used method nowadays is the use of built-in web forms. The latter collect information about users, at least the email address and a name. If you are ambitious, you can try to collect more, but be careful, it could scare potential customers.

The forms from your CRM can be integrated in three ways, iframe, script and source code. The scale includes all the HTML and CSS inline that can be modified according to your needs. However, this method can become tedious in the long run if you manage multiple campaigns.

I prefer to use the script tag generated by the CRM and manipulate the CSS to control the appearance.

Whichever multi-channel method you choose to collect data from a customer, it should ideally be concentrated in a single source. CRM is ideal for this purpose and there are many options to choose from.

You will be able to keep specific information about your prospects. Also, to communicate with them individually or via a mass email. Knowledge is power, data is value!


Instead of using transparent images .png that lose quality and become pixelated during scaling, use SVG (flexible vector graphics).

They fit perfectly and stay sharp at any size in the same way that an Illustrator vector file .ai will print clean and sharp at any size.

SVG files  can also be animated to add that extra dose of creativity. This is sometimes necessary to make a page “shine”. If you want logos, icons, and crisp graphics, SVG is the solution.


Gutenberg Blocks

If you manage a WordPress site and update the content regularly, among other things in blog posts about B2B marketing, you should read about Gutenberg Blocks. They were introduced in WordPress 5, named after the famous inventor of  metal-type molding.  

We have recently developed an entire site using these blocks. Instead of creating a page-by-page template, custom post type, or web section, you create modular blocks that you simply drag and drop onto a blank page.

You can then add your content to these blocks and even style elements for more creative flexibility. Blocks do not (yet!) replace the more powerful page builders.

Page builders offer more design flexibility for DO-IT-YOURSELFERS, but testing shows that Gutenberg blocks load pages faster and in the long run, can slightly improve SEO performance.

The blocks have come a long way in the last 2-3 years and, in my opinion, will continue to improve in terms of usability and scope of use, which for the moment, are limited to the main content area.

Gutenberg Blocks

Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet and one of the main advantages of its popularity is that there is a large community of users and developers who have sometimes encountered problems, shared their experience and provided solutions.

How many times have I googled a WordPress problem that has resulted in several possible solutions? The platform is excellent, and the community is huge, which helps when things get complicated.


This short list of trends is just the tip of a huge iceberg called the web, constantly evolving to such an extent that it forces us to stay on the lookout for the next trend that awaits us at the next turn!

If you want to explore the possibilities of web design, WordPress, or, if you have any questions on future trends or comments,  do not hesitate to contact us.

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