What, Who, Why – The 3 Ws to ask before starting any graphic design or web design project

First let’s define design.

Well in this case, graphic design. Even though design principles cross many disciplines, design is essentially art with a specific purpose that has many parameters and constraints to consider. Graphic design is the organization of a message or sometimes several messages in a way that will be clearly understood by the intended target audience and NOT interpreted. A successful print design piece or web design should clearly transmit the intended message without ambiguity, in a clever and original way.

We could sum it up with three kinds of questions. These are all questions you have to ask yourself before starting.


What exactly is the message you are trying to get across? What is the product you are trying to launch? What service are you promoting to gain awareness? What is the offer that will attract the customer into making that positive action and ultimately the buying decision? What is the specific objective of this marketing effort?


Who uses your product or service presently defined by age group, gender, social status, lifestyle trends? Whose attention are you now trying to attract? Who uses your competitor’s product or service?


Why are we designing this new website, is the old one out of date aesthetically or technologically, is the content not optimally organized? Why are we designing this print piece, is the message being refreshed or is a new concept required?

When and Where are the orphaned Ws in this article, but are also important questions to ask when preparing for a design project. The more questions you ask in the beginning of the creative process, the easier it will be to craft your concept and clearly organize the message, increasing your chances of a successful campaign.


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