Are there several micro-organizations within your organization?

Collaboration – February 24, 2011

Our consulting assignments have made us aware that most companies usually have a dedicated and very creative sales team when it comes to approaching existing customers or canvassing new clients. Each representative has his or her own “little tricks”, his or her own way to offer services and attract potential clients.

Problem: Information is not circulated within the company

Each person can be regarded as a micro-organization as they have their own personality and techniques. There is relevant thinking and experience in each of us, which, if shared, could benefit the whole company. It is clear that in most organizations this knowledge remains where it was generated, i.e. in each micro-organization.

Best practices need to be passed on but so do bad techniques

It is obvious that successful approach methods can be used by other representatives. As for failed attempts, they need to be understood and explained in order to stop similar practices. From a macro point of view, this information is unquestionably relevant to assist the marketing team with the development of marketing strategies and market understanding.

There are no winning recipes but rather best practices in each industry in which you work.

Why set up communication and information sharing mechanisms?

The benefits of good communication are astonishing:

  • Representatives’ Individual performance growth
  • Representatives’ self-motivation
  • Sales force more efficient as a whole
  • Increase in business income
  • Harmonization of sales force and marketing team’s common goals
  • Deployment of specific strategies with guaranteed success

Do you also have several micro-organizations within your business?


What kind of tools or communication mechanisms have you established to circulate information within your company?


What other benefits do you gain from a good information flow?


Give us your feedback.


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