Beyond traditional B2B marketing, discover…the CUBE

As you may know, Exo B2B is a strategic and operational marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing for the B2B market. But what does B2B mean?

Well actually, it’s taken from the English term ‘Business-to-Business’. But behind the word, there are in fact very different contexts. It is important to differentiate situations depending on the type of client and the services or products that are in question.

  • The B2B mass-market: it is addressed to a professional customer but in very large numbers
  • The recurring B2B: this is the “industrial marketing” of yesteryear, characterized by a continuing relationship between supplier and customer.
  • The marketing of projects or businesses: this marketing is characterized by a non-continuous relationship added to long and complex purchasing procedures, often by service offers.

But what counts the most in B2B marketing is to know the final recipients, and to adjust the strategy and tactics based on them.

  • The classic B2B. The target remains the client’s organization. Here, unable to identify individuals who consume the product or service.
  • The B to B to C. Here the ‘C’ is the consumer, who consumes the products of the company or the client organization.
  • The B to B to U. This is not a consumer, but rather a user, which explains the “U”. What is the difference? The user is ‘passive’ and does not directly act on the decision.
  • The B to B to B. The triple B means that the supplier company sells a product to the client company, which resells it to its professional customers.
  • The B to B to E. Here it refers to a context in which the product or service moves from one company to another, and then is intended eventually, to its employees.

This brief glossary, although the base is still the B2B marketing, makes you think. During the development of your strategy, you can never forget the individuals and/or companies that form the C-U-B-E: Consumer, User, Business or Employee.

And you; who are your end users?

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