Case Study: is inbound marketing made for you?

Everyone talks about inbound marketing and social networks. Do they work? What’s the outcome? Even in B2B? How does it work? The list of questions could go on forever.

The fact is that yes, inbound marketing is an interesting strategy, in B2B as well as in B2C. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of this strategy is its versatility.

While being extremely targeted (segmenting and choosing who you want to reach and, offer the appropriate content based on this choice), inbound marketing has many positive impacts.

Sharing authentic, quality content into suitable channels is a good way to get new leads into sales. This is the basis of this strategy. But if it were only that, I doubt that we would be talking so much about it. In fact, the “collateral damage” of inbound is equally positive.

There are quantitative effects: the number of leads, therefore, the number of visits, tweets, mentions, re-tweets and likes.

But we often forget the qualitative effects! Indeed, inbound marketing is a source of new weekly content, hopefully SEO optimized. Therefore, it’s the organic SEO of your site that wins.

We could also talk of notoriety: inbound marketing gives you more visibility and allows for the creation of partnerships, for example.

To further discuss inbound, and to show its full effect, we have prepared a case study on the subject. You can download (and read it!) here – in French only for now.




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