“Customer capital” in B2B is still underexploited in Quebec

Collaboration – December 3, 2013

In a study done by Exo in 2012, we discovered with amazement that only 34% of B2B companies in Quebec used a CRM. Stupor! Behind this 3 letter acronym that represents much more than a type of software, we understand that the clients’ place in the majority of B2B businesses in Quebec is not where it should be…

Putting the customer at the heart of his organization: a matter of survival!

Among the concerns of businesses today, there are those related to their productivity with the optimization of industrial processes. Generally, companies want to produce more, better and cheaper. This concern leads to a second which is to become a leader in its segment of activity focusing on its “core business”.

Is it worth the concern if the company does not exploit the last deposit that represents its clients? One speaks then to create added value, to exploit its “customer capital”. Although it may seem strange to remind it, it is also a test of performance for the future of the company.

How to exploit its “customer capital”?

Exploiting its customer capital does not simply mean to develop tools such as a CRM software or a call center… A strategic vision must be developed in advance and can lead to changing the internal organization of the company, and sometimes even its culture.

The exploitation of “customer capital” cannot be done without customer knowledge in a global vision. The latter resides on two basic premises: the collection of data and its analysis.

This is where a CRM plays its role as it allows among other things, the collection of data through the function of sales, marketing and customer service. It is understood that this type of software is therefore the basis of an integrated and customized unique vision from which a qualification and a study of the value may be established.

In conclusion, the exploitation of “customer capital” for a company translates into a need for qualification to be considered first and foremost a strategic point of view. A better knowledge of customers will enable companies to respond to a problem of positioning, and also loyalty and retain their customers while adapting their business approach.

In increasingly competitive markets in which businesses operate today, its “customer capital” should no longer be an option to be more efficient, but imperative!

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