Some ‘engaging’ ideas, using your content

Collaboration – 8 October 2013

Your strategic content is well established. You know your goals by heart as well as your target. You know who you need to attract, why and even how to do so, and certainly already have in mind the main themes that you will execute.

Writing content for content strategy is one thing. But writing content that integrates with a content strategy while creating a certain value is another! It’s this challenge that all creators must face.

Here are a few worthwhile paths to use to get your content strategies:

  • The events of the moment

They are relevant because they offer up to date information to your content. It can include facts on seminars, fairs, anniversaries, but also of course, the importance of new technologies in relation to the field of activity of the company, new regulations, etc.

The more relevant featured events are, the more they will enhance your existing content. They are a great way to get new followers.

  • The FAQ clients

Broaden the most frequently asked questions to provide relevant and useful content to these customers and its future customers. This highlights the interest of the company in serving its customers.

  • The invited blogger

One of my favorite elements for different content! The use of a third person is interesting because it allows you to address issues from a different angle, and why not attract new readership! This offers a new dimension to a topic.

The invited blogger should be an integral part of a company’s content strategy. Why not ask a client to testify through your blog on his experience? We can also consider an opinion leader associated with the company’s industry as a viable choice.

  • Filling content gaps

Highlight the content that you can find with your competitors, your suppliers, your peers and try to stand out! Have some subjects gone into oblivion? All the better! Grab this opportunity to use them, thus proposing to your followers original, relevant and authentic content!

I’ll conclude this post by reminding you that if you leaving a strong enough impression with visitors so that they ‘agree’,  is the key factor of success of a winning content strategy. It requires some know-how, but also very good knowledge of its readership.

What do you think? What type of content would you use to engage your target market?

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