Five good reasons to use Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is a widely used and developed web marketing strategy nowadays. The Google ad service allows you to display banners and ads related to keywords. Here are five good reasons to use this tool for your marketing campaign. It is interesting to note that Google Adwords works hand in hand with Google Analytics and it is important to use both tools at the same time to get more out of your campaigns. ROI ROI (return on investment) is usually the most important indicator, because it shows the real effects of a pay-per-click campaign on the business of a company. It is indeed usefeul to know the number of clicks and impressions of the ad, and understanding the way your online ad contributes to your success is the most interesting, if not crucial. To calculate your ROI : ROI = (revenue – cost)/cost Versatility Adwords is a practical tool. More importantly, it is versatile thanks to numerous options made for specific demands. For instance, with Google Adwords, you can :

  • Choose the type of correspondence of your keywords : wide request, exact keyword, exact phrase etc…
  • Add extensions to your ads to allow to have numerous pages, places or reviews linked to your ad.
  • Use the display network to do remarketing. This is a good way to segment your ads.
  • Target better your audience choosing the city, day or even hour you want to display your ad, in function of the click rate for instance.

SEO Sometimes, after a website launch, the organic ranking collapses and the websited ends on the second or third page of the research results. It can take up to months to climb back up. It could be useful and smart to use adwords to still appear at the top of the first page while the organic ranking gets better! Cost control It is easy to decide of a budget for your campaigns. You have a daily control of the budget and the cost for every keyword. It allows you to keep your budget in the limits you chose. Here is another tip : this article from explains how to calculate a daily budget for a PPC campaign. How to Find Your Perfect PPC Daily Budget A good way to beat the competition If your website appears in the search results, an adword campaign will help you to be more popular and visible. This ads could help you increase the number of visits and therefore improve the domain authority. All of this, in the end, will improve your sales! To conclude, here is a interesting statistic given by Moz: 80% of the search results on Google have Google Adwords ads. One more proof it became a must!

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