ITC companies in Quebec and CRM’s: what’s the level of use?

Collaboration – June 11, 2015

In the latest study on ITC companies in Quebec, we have reported several findings on sales and marketing teams, as well as their level of integration. One of the indicators of integration is the level of use of a CRM by the two respective teams. Most ITC companies appear to have a CRM tool and use it extensively, with the exception of the “control” part.

ITC companies have a CRM

This was confirmed by 82% of respondents, mentioning a multitude of CRM’s, such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho and also several homemade software.

ITC sector companies use their CRM, but …

86% of respondents said that their sales team often uses their CRM. However, this percentage falls to 60% in terms of the marketing team. In the integrated marketing world (and in an ideal world), a CRM must be used as much by the sales team as by the marketing team.

Size does not matter, it’s the way to use it..

…or better yet, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

Quebec ITC companies appear to use their CRM to manage their various potential customers, which is good! However, they seem to neglect the control part; use a CRM to measure the performance of the sales team and sales!

28% do not use it at all for this purpose and 47.5% only once a month or less, which is often insufficient. It’s good practice to monitor performance via the CRM, every two weeks or even every week.


147 SMEs in the ITC sector participated in web and telephone surveys. A confidence level of 95% was used for an error margin of 8%.

Want to know more? Download the complete study now.

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