The Parallax effect: are you for or against it for your website?

Many of you will have difficulty defining what a parallax effect is in the context of design and web development. Summing it up, it is to add a depth effect to a website by animating various objects at different speeds. At first glance, the result reminds us of sites designed using Flash technology, where the animation of objects allowed for some life to be given to the website. You can go to the following site for a few examples: As we now know, many reasons have put an end to this practice. Could this be the case with the parallax effect?

Aided by a library in JavaScript, integrating the parallax effect to a website is relatively simple. We select different elements that move on the screen when the visitor scrolls the page. Mainly used in the design of a website with only one page, the parallax effect allows us to script the appearance of elements, in order to highlight them. As stated in this article, in some cases, the use of this effect can highlight a product, add interactivity, or guide your visitor towards a specific purpose. This simple effect gives an impressive achievement that will surely stand out.

However, this practice is difficult to apply in the case of a website with multiple pages, and managed by a CMS, like WordPress. Managing the layout menu, important links, and texts generated by a CMS like WordPress can be difficult. In addition, although the parallax effect is interesting when conducting long, vertical scrolling, you are at risk of losing many visitors along the way, therefore, the distraction of the parallax effect may change the achievement of the objectives on your website and therefore, reduce the rate of conversion.

There was a wave of websites designed using this technology but certainly, they will lose momentum. Large companies that had opted for the use of this parallax technology during the past two years are already beginning to change the design of their web sites, and returning to a layout that is more ergonomic and suitable for mobile devices and tablets.

For all these reasons, the use of the parallax effect can add a little something to your website, but should be used sparingly.

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