The perceptions of B2B marketing

Collaboration – April 30, 2015

Let me go beyond the scope of our traditional blogs to show you the gap between what people around me think I do, what our clients believe that I do, what I think I do and what I actually do.

What my entourage thinks

When I say that I work in marketing, many think that I am a born salesperson (this is not the case!).

Too often, marketing people are misunderstood by the public (Oh, it’s the fault of marketing, marketing creates needs, damn those car salesmen!). I remember that famous lackluster study on the perception of trades that ranked marketing professionals on par with auto salesmen (and their old sales methods of “if you sign today …”). Unfortunately, some too insistent or deceptive sales practices have affected the marketing image …

What my clients think I do

Often, our clients think we are going to suggest websites, brochures, social media, etc. When we start explaining that everything begins on a strategic level, with marketing research and audits … in short, the selection and creation of tools and tactics must be based on solid foundations, ears and eyes opened wide.

What I think I do in B2B marketing

Being a business marketing analyst (or an analyst for short) sometimes gives out the impression that we do the work of a mad scientist. The crazy analyst finds comfort and security in stability and to do that, he must control everything that surrounds him.

The long days spent in front of a computer, analyzing vast amounts of data from Google Analytics, Adwords, Moz, company sales figures, the results of qualitative and quantitative surveys … basically, it can sometimes be easy to get lost in this ocean and constant flow of information that comes at us from all sides.

What I actually do

Analysis certainly has an important place in the life of a B2B marketing analyst. But it’s more than that: meeting with clients, conducting audits, telephone follow-ups, project management and monitoring budgets, kick-off meetings with clients and the Exo team, meetings with Mrs. ExoB2B, strategic planning ; we touch upon everything!

In short, I’m a B2B marketing analyst.

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