Pinterest for B2B: is it for you?

Collaboration – April 11, 2013

Pinterest has been attracting the attention of companies for a while now, and even more so since the possibility of creating a company page is now part of the ever-growing social media options. This is all well and good, but is Pinterest really adapted to your company? Here are just a few points that can clarify the need to proceed or not with a presence on this social network:

  • You have OR could have visuals of your products and services. This is a sine qua non condition! Pinterest is based on visual content, so post pictures of your products. You only sell services? Take pictures of the result of your service, of your team at work, etc.
  • You now have OR your audience is potentially massively mobile. The growth of the number of mobile internet users is astounding…and the Pinterest audience is incredibly mobile. Smart phones will continue to become more accessible (and they already are!). Sales of tablets recently ousted sales of PCs. So one has to expect there to always be more internet users who navigate via mobile platforms.
  • Your content could speak more to women. According to “Social Media B2B,” 58% of visitors are women. Another point is that several brands that target women are present on Pinterest. However, even if you don’t sell products that target women, don’t exclude Pinterest. There are still 42% of men that could see your Pins and share them!
  • Your content has viral potential. You innovate or have new products to reveal? This could become viral within your company as well as with your clients and potential clients.

Lastly, according to certain articles, Pinterest generated more visits to your website than Facebook did. If you want to use Pinterest, here is some advice on how to get started:

  • Like all social networks, content must be shared, and not simply posted! Exclusive content should be created.
  • Use the strength of personas. Huh? Personas! Ex: you sell your product to engineers? Personify an engineer on your Pinterest account!
  • Oh yes, in addition to creating personas, don’t forget to humanize your account from time to time (I don’t mean that engineers don’t have any personality!). It’s important to be professional and to show your personal side at the same time.
  • Start by creating boards about your company. Then create boards later about your personal interests (or those that you think your persona might have).
  • Like other social networks, pin your clients and potential clients.
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