QR Codes + Print Ads = Print 2.0

Are you incorporating QR codes into your ads?

QR codes are cool. They can be scanned by a cell phone camera and contain info, links, etc…

For example: Scan this with the barcode scanner in your Android or iPhone:


See? One little scan and now it’s in your phone to be recalled at will!

Advertisers now have another tool they can and should use. Combine a little strategy, add a landing page, plug it to a print campaign, and watch the sparks fly!

I like to call it Print Advertising 2.0!

Now, with the use of a little image, advertisers can use print and combine it with either a facebook campaign, a youtube campaign, twitter, anything is possible!

Can’t wait to see all the cool things that will come of it! We’ve already began using these little marvels.

How about you? What’s your take on the matter?

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