The organization of a website matters more than its content

Collaboration – September 16, 2014

A website is all about content, texts and keywords. But it takes more than this when starting a site from scratch. There’s one thing that comes before and it’s absolutely crucial : the tree view, the organization of the website.

The tree view, it’s the general organization. It’s deciding what we’re going to express, how and where in the website. In other words, it’s a matter of information architecture. It’s about ranking it, putting forward what should be valued. Do you want to show the technical aspects of your product or its added value? Is your offer what makes you special? It depends on the clients, and the organization must reflect that.

If we go through all of this, it’s because a website has to be clear. You could write the best content, even with fancy rhymes, if it’s not clear and organized, it’s all useless.

Clear, concise, easy to understand, here is why you think about your tree view. It’s a work which has to be done before with the help of the client in order to underline and define what the priorities are, where the focus should be.

More than this, it’s a strategic work. Defining this tree view forces you to think about the offer. If the website has to be clear, its organization has to transmit the services and products of the offer in the clearest way possible.

In other words, a badly organized website usually means the offer is not defined properly on the client’s side. And designing a website could be a good way to help to make this offer more “user-friendly” and easy to understand.

Indeed, if the offer is easy to understand, it will reflect perfectly in the organization of the website: tabs, sections and sub-sections. With a good organization, a visitor will be able to understand ine one glance the full range of the offer, and to go further if he needs more information about it.

The work that comes with the definition of this tree view is a work architecture of information. And it is this work that will make the website a success… or not. More importantly, it will make the difference between a website with a good conversion rate and one that’s just average. If the offer is defined clearly, the info is abailable, convincing and organized well, there are a lot of chances a visitor will find what he is looking for. And even more chances he’ll get in touch with you.

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