What are you doing from July 19 to August 3?

Lynda St-Arneault – 15 July 2014

Here we are! Next project: holidays!

If you are like us, it’s time to finish your mandates, make sure everything is organized on the logistic, administrative and technical side before closing the office for two weeks. Whether you have a planned trip or not, holidays are always a treat.

Our blog will take a small break for this time and we’ll  be back with new pertinent articles written by our marketing and sales specialists in B2B, as of August 5.

By the way, we wanted to thank you all for your comments and your commitment on the articles and on social media. You are more and more to interact with us and we’re grateful for it as your participation brings us further and forward. It is thanks to such discussions we all learn.

All of the Exo B2B team wishes you nice holidays and time to go through all of your projects.

And… if you’re interested in social media for B2B, you can still download our e-book about it!

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