PART 3: Best practices for a competitive landing page

18 April 2017 by    Clothilde Eito
PART 3: Best practices for a competitive landing page

This post is the last of a series of 3 about landing pages. You can also check out our two previous posts here:

A landing page must be simple and attractive. For best results, there are good practices to consider. Here is a list summarizing some of them:

Design of the page

Each landing page is unique. Its colors, typography and images will be different depending on what you want to emphasize. It must attract the eye and encourage the visitor to act.

This is the reason it’s important to work on the design and the structure of the landing page. The use of colors, images or videos make the reading less difficult and more attractive.

LIkewise, it’s important to test your landing page.  There are no universal rules here. For example, a longer page with more text could convert better than a short page.  it all depends on the objective and the target.

Then, think responsive! It’s important that the page be accessible on all platforms (desktop, tablets, and mobiles).

What content for my landing page?

Your page’s content must be structured and thought out for the users. The title and subtitles of the page must be impactful, and meet your principal objective.

The title can be both interrogative and informative and must contain the page’s main keyword.

Furthermore, the offer’s text must be fluid and simple to read, and contain a visible and identifiable call-to-action and keywords.

Finally, respect the structure of a web page by using the H1 to H6 tags and other good SEO practices.

The form

The form is the most important part of your landing page. In a lead generation strategy, you want to be able to identify and qualify prospects coming from your landing pages.

To be effective and not risk losing visitors on the page, your form should contain no more than 5 fields, 3 of which are mandatory: name, first name and e-mail.

Finally, each landing page being specific, the fields must be adapted according to the subject.

The importance of your call to action!

Landing page best pratices

The call-to-action on your landing page must be visible and placed in a strategic location. Make it easily accessible. Use up to three words per CTA example “Download brochure” “Contact us” or “Get a quote”.

The CTA must clearly state the subject of your page, and be consistent with the overall landing page. Use colors to make your CTA stand out! Red, Green, Blue … it’s your choice.

Finally, the golden rule is to never use more than one CALL TO ACTION per landing page.

Contact marketing experts for a competitive landing page!

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