Landing page and lead generation in B2B marketing: best practices

4 April 2017 by    Clothilde Eito

Do you remember the first landing page you ever created? Do you remember mulling endlessly over the form and substance, the function and the objectives? A lot of us have been in that boat. That’s why over the next few weeks we’ll provide you with a series of posts on landing pages:

  • First part: Landing page, definition, and objective
  • Second part: The different types of landing pages
  • Third part: Best practices for a successful page landing

In this first post, we’ll learn more about the term “landing page”, and how important this type of page can be (particularly in B2B) for your lead generation strategy!
What is a landing page?

A landing page is the basis of any B2B inbound marketing strategy

Be careful not to confuse landing page and home page (your Website’s homepage), which is the first page of your website. Even though they may contain similar elements (call to action, form …) their objectives are truly different.

A landing page is a targeted and optimized web page on which the visitor must end up. it has a single objective. It mustn’t be a copy-past of content from your website, and it should be specific and autonomous. It should allow you to collect opt-ins for your lead generation B2B strategy.

In this series, we’ll see landing page objectives, the different types of page, and finally, good practices for a successful marketing strategy.

landing page and lead generation

Defining your landing page’s objective

A landing page must have a unique objective that’s defined in advance. The visitor must arrive on your page after a specific request. Even before you start your landing page design, you have to define your objectives in order to generate qualified leads. You may have multiple objectives. Here are some examples:

  • Improve your company’s mindshare
  • Promote its services
  • Sell products
  • Incite the visitor to Download brochures, price lists, etc.
  • Get the visitor to ask for a quote
  • Obtain an appointment (in person or by telephone)

Once your goal is set, choose the right landing page type. We’ll talk about landing page types in our next installment! Questions? Contact our B2B marketing experts!

Stay tuned!

About Clothilde Eito

Success is a path that patience and work make accessible Graduated with a master’s degree in digital strategy and e-business from Weller International Business School in Bordeaux, I am passionate about interactive media and new technologies. In my previous professional years, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge in digital strategies mainly by working for web agencies In France and Canada. I've been interested in many sectors of activity such as aeronautics, the hospitality industry or in distilled spirits. At Exo B2B, I am involved in marketing strategies, content development and I manage some of our client's social media communities. Read more

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