Some tips to increase conversion on your web site

Collaboration – August 25, 2016

In a previous blog, I explained the importance of setting targets on your website, based on what you want your users to accomplish.

For this post, I’ll focus on their conversion.

From time to time, l like to let off steam by boxing. What better way to clear the mind than to get in the ring to give and take a few shots? It also happens to be where I get some of my best ideas!

So here is what I came up with this summer to optimize website conversion for my clients.

Engage users with a short questionnaire

What better way to engage the hostilities and test your opponent than with some good  jabs!

And on the web, a good way to engage and even get some “insight” on your users is by using a tool like Qualaroo, which allows you to build very short questionnaires that appear in a popup window:

Checkbox opt-ins on each form

In the middle of some intense sparring, I was protecting myself as best I could from a series of blows, when suddenly, a powerful uppercut knocked me out! Backed into the ropes, my coach even stopped the fight, asking “are you OK Vince?”

Oh, I’ve got and idea! Check boxes on each of our forms to get more subscribers! “I’m great, let’s continue!”

Since the advent of Bill C-28, it’s customary to include a check box that reads something like: “I agree to receive newsletters or news about the company.”

But why not add one with regards to a subscription to your blog? Bingo! 30 more new monthly subscribers for one of my clients!

Calls to action on your blog posts

According to QuiskSprout, it’s not uncommon to see a bounce rate of 70 to 90% on a blog. This may sound bad, but that’s the nature of a blog post; we read and leave! that said, there is still a portion of your audience is there for a reason: they’re seeking information on a subject that you’re an expert on!

Instead of subjecting your reader to walls of text (no matter how interesting) break it up with an opportunity for them to accomplish something.

Results: 5 precious quality leads during the month … and only I inserted it in 3 places! Quick, let’s make more of those! That’s a Jab hook to my opponent!

Does the button work best in red or green? Do an A / B test!

Catching my breath during a break, legs still wobbly and ribs still sore, I thought about the wonderful tool that I discovered to easily do  A / B testing on sites: optimizely!

Do you ever ask yourself, “am I better make my call to action  X or Y ?” Once the Optimizely script is installed on your website (this is probably the only place you’ll need a programmer), you are free to play with your web site’s various elements to test different versions. Moreover, Optimizely includes analysis tools that allow you to determine if the experiment actually has a positive or negative impact on your site.

Here’s my final recommendation before getting back into the ring: get out of your comfort zone, try something new; not only will you learn more about yourself, but also new and creative ideas will emerge when you shake things up  (and I don’t necessarily mean by getting hit in the head)!

There’s the sound of the bell. Time to go beat up on the status quo!

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