Strategies for content marketing creation: more popular than SEO strategies

Lynda St-Arneault – May 29, 2012


How many times a week do you use the internet while at work to find the answers to one of your questions? Whereas a few years ago the reaction of every good internet user was to use an internet search engine (namely Google), the cards seem to have progressively changed hands. For example, think of all the searches you did over the last few weeks: what percentage of those were done directly via social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)? Several, I believe. On a more personal note, I recently searched for information directly on Twitter to discover the opinions of users of a particular product before making that purchase.

Thus, according to a study conducted by HiveFire and presented on the website Marketing Charts, the strategy for content marketing creation is used by 82% of B2B marketers and the strategy of search engine optimization (SEO) by 70% of them. One thing is certain: search engines no longer have the monopoly!

Faced with this new reality, search engines are trying to adapt. This is especially the case for the search engine Bing (Microsoft) which, a few weeks from now, will be able to display content coming directly from social media in its search results.

What are the consequences for your B2B strategy? Adopt an inbound marketing perspective!

More than ever, these trends demonstrate the importance of creating embedded marketing programs on the web, as is the case with inbound marketing. Let’s not forget that these tactics create synergy through the efficient and harmonious integration of different web marketing strategies in order to generate qualified leads for your sales force.

What do you think?

In your opinion, will content development strategies via social media replace SEO strategies? Or do you think that these strategies should be interrelated in order to maximise their impact on the web?

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