WordPress, the ideal platform for your website

Collaboration – October 17, 2013

Choosing the best platform for your website is an important step in the decision process of building a new website. The vast array of available solutions can be confusing for the everyday person. It can take a lot of resources from a company, so being well informed and advised in choosing your web platform can make you save time and money in the long run. In my opinion, WordPress is one of the web softwares to take into consideration when building your website.

The origins

WordPress was introduced in 2003 as a by-product of a software dedicated to blogs, the up-and-coming phenomenon of 2.0 web at the time. It was developed as an open-source software by Matthew Mullenweg and it remained an open-source ever since. Its popularity never stopped growing,  thanks to the dynamics of the community and the number of functionalities. More than 60 million websites are propelled by WordPress today. Nevertheless, as you can see in the numbers below, the domain wordpress.com is still the  ‘David vs. Goliath’ of the web industry.

Monthly uniques (US) Employees
Google.com 196M 53,861
Facebook.com 140M 4,619
WordPress.com 128M 209
Amazon.com 79M 88,400
Yahoo.com 69M 11,700
eBay.com 68M 31,500
Aol.com 34M 5,660

After 10 years of development, the software has indroduced multiple versions and updates. With the 3.6 version and the 3.7 version coming soon, several functions, improvements and corrections will now help to have a powerful, stable and easy to use web platform. WordPress is the ideal tool for a blog, but it also allows creating a website quick and at a lesser cost.

How does it work?

WordPress is a content management system allowing you to manage a website through a web interface or dashboard. The software works with a database in which all the information is saved. The core, which contains all the functions, is separated from the design, which is managed by themes. All of this helps to build a website and to customize it thanks to these themes,

A system of widgets and extensions makes it easy to add functionalities and improvements without messing up the core of WordPress. Thanks to its huge community of developers, WordPress users have access to thousands of extensions in order to improve their sites.

Get to know WordPress

If you plan to build a new website or if you’re simply interested in how it works, you should get to know WordPress. There is a lot of information easily accessible. You can quickly understand the inner workings of a CMS (content management system) and you will easily find your spot in the world wide web.

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